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Alberta Land Transfer Tax
Alberta does not have a land transfer tax, but you are required to pay title registration and mortgage registration fees. Use our calculator to figure out what you would owe.

Land Transfer Tax

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Land Transfer Tax


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Alberta Title Registration Fees

The fee is calculated like this:

$50.00 + $1 for every $5,000 of the value of the land

So a house valued at $500,000 would cost

$50.00 + ($1 × ($500,000/$5,000)) = $150

The mortgage registration fee is similar, except that it’s only charged on the mortgage amount, not the land value amount. So, if we were to put a 20% down payment on a $500,000 property, the remaining mortgage would be $400,000. The mortgage registration fee would then be this:

$50.00 + ($1 × ($400,000/$5,000)) = $130

That brings the total cost to registering your property to $280.

If you were to buy a house in cash (without a mortgage) then you would avoid the mortgage registration fee, but be required to pay the title registration fee.

Alberta Land Transfer Tax Rebate

There is no land transfer tax rebate for Alberta.

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