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If you've been turned down for a mortgage from the bank, you may think that homeownership is out of reach.It isn't.

Every year, more and more Canadians are getting approved for mortgages from B lenders that A lenders refuse. Is it because they're shady companies preying on those with poor credit or unverified income?No.

It's because they realize that having credit problems or being self-employed doesn't mean you aren't willing and able to pay your debts.

We work with dozens of lenders to ensure you always get your best rate. Because each B lender has different criteria for approval, we shop around so you don't have to.

You're more than your score

Your credit score doesn't tell the whole story. It may tell a lender that you had problems years ago, but not that you're currently on your feet and ready to move on.

While big banks may refuse all applications with scores below a certain point, we work withyou to get you your best rate. No matter your score, our team of experts can get you into a home.

Can I get a mortgage if I'm self-employed?

When big banks hear self-employed, they think unstable, irregular income. When we hear self-employed, we think employed.

Being your own boss is the last reason you should be denied a mortgage. If you're self-employed and need a mortgage, we can help.

Can I get a mortgage if I've declared bankruptcy?

Mistakes from your past shouldn't get in the way of your future. Getting a mortgage after bankruptcy is possible. We'll help you every step of the way, from the first step out of bankruptcy to the first step into your new home.

Are you ready to move?

If you've been denied a mortgage from various banks and lenders because of your credit or income, you're probably anxious to get your mortgage approved. It's time to stop worrying about if you'll get approved and start worrying about when you'll move in!

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