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  Canada is unique among many other countries as we have one of the highest rates of homeownership in the world, with nearly 70% of Canadians owning their home. The remaining 30% are renting either ...

Chris Chris 07/18/2019
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Updated July 17, 2019  There are many things you can do with a TFSA (which you can read about on our mega-guide on TFSAs) but it is mainly an investment account. However, if you don’t want to ris...

Chris Chris 07/17/2019
20190716124318-What does a rate increase mean for your mortgage.jpg

What does a rate increase mean for your mortgage? That depends on the type of mortgage you have. If you have a fixed rate mortgage, then nothing changes. You will keep paying the same monthly amoun...

Chris Chris 07/16/2019

Total mortgage debt in Canada rose to $1.56 trillion in May 2019, up 3.64% year-over-year from last May. While that may seem like a small percentage to increase, a 3.64% increase to $1.56 trillion rep...

Chris Chris 07/12/2019
20190711104846-boc interest rate.jpg

The Bank of Canada announced today, July 10, 2019, that they are keeping their overnight rate at 1.75%. This is the sixth announcement where the Bank has decided to keep rates the same. The rate was l...

Chris Chris 07/11/2019
20190710091618-Toronto skyline.jpg

It’ll come as no surprise that high cost of living is getting many Canadians down. With a federal election coming up, the cost of living is at the forefront of most people’s minds. In fact, the c...

Chris Chris 07/10/2019
20190703015650-best emergency fund account canada.jpg

Canadians have more debt, on average, than any other country in the world. Even with the vast majority of debts coming from mortgages (70% of all debt in Canada is mortgage debt), Canadians still owe ...

Chris Chris 06/24/2019
20190703015659-amazon mastercard.jpg

Amazon is finally relaunching its credit card in Canada, this time with MBNA rather than Chase. MBNA is a division of TD Canada Trust, but has its own line of credit cards and banking products, simila...

Chris Chris 06/20/2019
20190703015708-no foreign exchange credit cards.jpg

Nearly every credit card in Canada charges an extra 2.5% on any foreign currency purchase. This is on top of the spread you already paid through your credit card’s exchange fees; you never get the t...

Chris Chris 06/19/2019
20190618040643-new first time home buyer program.jpg

UPDATE: June 18, 2019 Some more information was just released from the government about the new First Time Homebuyer Incentive run through CMHC, so it’s about time we went back and updated our old ...

Chris Chris 06/18/2019
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