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20190501125457-bad credit cards canada.jpg

Canadians have some of the most debt in the world, especially when compared to other developed nations. Most of this debt is in mortgages because of high home prices and the high rate of homeownership...

Chris Chris 05/01/2019
20190322023021-hacking credit card rewards 2018.jpeg

The best way to use your credit card is to never spend more than you can afford to pay off at the end of the month, then be sure to pay your bill on time and in full. Unfortunately, many Canadians don...

Chris Chris 03/22/2019
20190319032835-credit card fee.jpg

There are two types of credit card holders: those that want to maximize their rewards at any cost, and those that just want to avoid fees and interest at all costs. For the first group, they’ll pro...

Chris Chris 03/19/2019
20190128035653-best credit builder credit cards 2019.jpeg

If you want the best mortgage rate, you’ll need to have a high credit score. The current best 5-year fixed rate of 3.54% is easy to get if you have a credit score higher than 760, but at lower score...

Chris Chris 01/28/2019
20190104035936-best no fee cashback cards 2019.jpg

Almost half of all Canadians have at least one annual fee credit card. That means that the other half don’t have one, preferring a no-fee credit card. With such an even split between Canadians, whi...

Chris Chris 01/18/2019
20190104033126-how many credit cards should you have.jpeg

Often the most value you’ll get out of your rewards credit card is with the signup bonus. It can make signing up for a new credit card very rewarding, often giving you hundreds of dollars in value f...

Chris Chris 01/17/2019
20190104121106-christmas action plan.png

Right now is the best time to start making plans for next Christmas. We’ve just passed that last holiday so we’re still in holiday mode, and we haven’t gotten our credit card statements yet so w...

Chris Chris 01/13/2019
20181228025008-balance transfer.jpg

A balance transfer credit card is credit card that’s used to pay off other credit cards. Unlike making a purchase, which can be done in seconds either at a store or online as many times as you like...

Chris Chris 01/06/2019
20180709031601-interest rate increase.jpeg

The Government of Canada recently released statistics that showed nearly 32,000 new jobs being added in June of this year, ahead of the 20,000 jobs that were expected. This is not as good as it so...

Chris Chris 01/03/2019
20181205024401-never make the minimum payment.jpeg

When you get your credit card statement, you’ll see 2 numbers. The first is your credit card minimum payment, which is the least amount of money you need to pay on your credit card. The second is ...

Chris Chris 01/02/2019
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