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20190604021024-pay as you go.jpeg

CAA brought a new insurance product called CAA MyPace to the market last year. The idea behind it is to only charge drivers for the portion of insurance they actually use, mostly for drivers that don...

Chris Chris 06/04/2019

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that Canadians pay too much for car insurance. Ontarians overpay for car insurance the most, with British Columbians not far behind. There ar...

Chris Chris 02/12/2019
20190207031054-How much insurance.jpeg

You need car insurance to drive a car anywhere in Canada. If you’re thinking about not getting insurance and just paying for any collisions out of your own pocket, then think again. If you’re caug...

Chris Chris 02/07/2019
20190123050442-roadside assistance.jpeg

With winter finally hitting us in full force, you may be thinking about joining a roadside assistance program – if you haven’t already. Unlike car insurance, roadside assistance programs aren’t ...

Chris Chris 01/22/2019
20181231101746-life insurance buy.jpeg

There are so many varieties of life insurance that it’s easy to sign up for a plan that may not be the best fit for your situation. When comparing life insurance online, be sure you’re picking the...

Chris Chris 01/08/2019
20181221120907-facts and myths about car insurance.jpg

There are many myths about what you should or shouldn’t do to lower your car insurance premiums. There are many calculations that go into determining your exact premium, based on information such a...

Chris Chris 01/03/2019
20180430013652-do i need an insurance broker.jpeg

If you live in Canada, you probably own a car. There are 22.4 million cars registered in Canada, and Canada has a population of 36 million. If you take out the people who are too young or too old ...

20180928032149-winter tire discount insurance.jpeg

I know you don’t want to think about it (because I don’t want to think about it either) but winter is just around the corner. It’s time to seriously start thinking about what you have to get don...

Chris Chris 11/09/2018
20180918032309-insurance for university students.jpeg

When you’re a kid, you don’t have to worry about things like having your own insurance policy because you’re covered under your parents until the age of 18. Since 18 is also the age at which m...

Chris Chris 11/02/2018
20180914022544-life insurance for business owners.jpg

“I can’t wait to buy life insurance!” said no one, ever. Buying life insurance isn’t a fun event, but it is usually a necessary one. There are a few types of people who might be better off w...

Chris Chris 10/27/2018
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