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We’re approaching the deadline to file income taxes for salaried employees in Canada. This year, the tax deadline in Canada is April 30th, with the deadline for self-employed individuals falling on ...

Chris Chris 03/15/2019
20190312024637-plant growing.jpeg

Uh oh – you waited too long to contribute to your RRSP and now it’s past the March 1st deadline. You’ll have to wait until 2020 to take advantage of the tax reduction for any more contributions ...

Chris Chris 03/12/2019
20190206114810-which is better gic or savings - Copy.jpg

There is only one investment type that’s guaranteed to make money – a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC). The upside to GICs is that they’re totally guaranteed: both interest and principal...

Chris Chris 02/06/2019
20190103030930-market linked gics.jpg

Banks will claim that market-linked GICs are the best of both worlds, combining the security of a GIC with the reward of equity investing, but is that true? There certainly are some upsides to market-...

Chris Chris 01/10/2019

No one likes paying taxes. It’s unfortunate then, that GICs are some of the least tax-advantaged investments available. As they earn interest, you’re taxed at your full marginal rate, which could ...

Chris Chris 01/09/2019
20181227112250-best time to transfer tfsa.jpg

Your TFSA is a powerful investment tool. It’s more flexible than an RRSP, even though you don’t get a bigger tax refund for contributing to it. It lets you grow your money completely tax-free. It...

Chris Chris 01/04/2019
20181126033636-gic penalties.jpg

Guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) allow you to invest with basically no risk. Not only are your returns guaranteed, but the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation also insures GICs up to $100,00...

Chris Chris 12/27/2018
20180926123151-is it better to invest or pay mortgage.jpeg

With interest rates creeping up over the past year and expected to go up even further, carrying debt is becoming less and less attractive. The era of cheap money is ending at the same time that many...

Chris Chris 11/07/2018
20180808040222-gic vs etf.jpeg

GIC vs. ETFAmong all Canadians, millennials are the ones that are afraid of investing the most. This is unfortunate, because they’re also the ones that have the most to gain by investing. The powe...

Chris Chris 09/18/2018

GIC stands for Guaranteed Investment Certificate. These differ from normal investments in one very specific way – your initial investment and the returns are guaranteed.“Guaranteed?” You might...

Chris Chris 09/15/2018
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