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Exciting News! RateShop Has Been Awarded CMP Top Mortgage Brokerage 2021

We are humbled for being awarded Top Mortgage Brokerage 2021 by CMP, this brings us to the second year of consistency in quality of service and progression.

RateShop has always believed in transparency, excellence and commitment to every client to exceed expectations.

We do things differently, we're not in a race with others. We focus on agent education, we understand knowledge and expertise in a broad range of transactions that gives our mortgage advisors the stamina to survive a competitive market. While offering excellent rates, our focus is more than just the rate, each mortgage agent goes through a rigorous 30-day training to become a mortgage expert. This is visible in their advice, approach to solutions, wealth creation practices, and delivering results.

We invested in ourselves, in our own technology, training, and marketing. We don't rely on third parties, this allows us to move very quickly in accordance to the market, assisting us with long-term vision alignment and being able to implement changes that help grow our agent's businesses.


Here is what some of our agents have to say about their success with RateShop:


"As a new agent I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew I had the drive and motivation to succeed in the mortgage industry. Working with Rateshop has made that dream a reality and in my short time."


"I love the freedom and flexibility RateShop gives me to grow my business combined with their strength and support I know I will succeed in this career. The training through my first files was hands on and taught me what I needed to get my business off the ground. The underwriting team is always there to help answer any questions and help me move forward. "


"RateShop provides a positive and nurturing environment for the agents to learn and grow their business. As an agent it is important to have support and be able to get hold of someone at any time that will answer your question in real time. RateShop provides that which is invaluable when you have a client waiting for an answer. As a result of RateShop's amazing training and CRM it makes it easier to grow the business and provide excellent service to clients because all the tools and support are there at your disposal."


The graduates of our intense education program are the true winners of this award, we thank them for being an integral part of our team, consistently going out of their way to assist their clients, and helping their clients build a better future.

The executive team has a clear vision, one where the agent should have access to every single resource possibly imagine to increase their business revenue. Whether it be access to lenders, exclusive programs, learning aids, marketing, or technology.

The defining moment for our brokerage is every single time one of our mortgage advisors validates that our formula, training, technology, system works!

Ali Zaidi UW Ali Zaidi UW 09/27/2021
RateShop.ca was founded with one purpose. To serve our clients with the highest standards in service quality while delivering the most competitive financial products, transparently. That is why we focus on our knowledge more than the rates, align prod
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