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Land Transfer Tax Calculator- A Perfect Tool Understand Payment Procedures


Being one of the vital mortgage procedures in Canada, Land transfer tax (LTT) is overall used to get the total cost of purchasing a home at current mortgage rates.

When you acquire a property in Canada, you are liable to pay a tax to the government after the finalization of transaction costs.

The overall expense paid depends on the value of your property, but it almost always forms the most extensive portion of your closing costs. In many cases, there are sure chances where you will need to fix your measures of mortgage payments along with the land transfer tax calculator.

These calculators are usually seen used by mortgage lenders of Canada to shows you how much you can expect to pay and why. If you are a first-time property holder, you can expect to save in government-sponsored rebates, reducing the impact of your land transfer fees.


What Things Do You Need to Clear to Input in the Land Transfer Tax Calculator?

  • Purchase price of a home 
  • Financial liabilities including soft costs
  • The market value of land
  • Market lease with terms associated 
  • Down payments value 


How to Calculate Land Transfer Tax in Canada?

Land transfer taxes are considered as top essentials that helps you ease with the purchase price of your property as per the transaction costs.

Each Canadian province sets its own land transfer tax rates and there are special rules for buying mortgages in Toronto and Montreal. One can closely use the land transfer tax calculator to find the land transfer tax based on location or keep reading to find out how land transfer tax is calculated.

 TOP TIP- Homebuyers in Toronto and Montreal are subject to an additional land transfer tax known as the Toronto Land Transfer Tax-which is above the other top Canadian cities. Homebuyers purchasing mortgages outside of Toronto are only subject to the Provincial Land Transfer Tax.


Perfect Example to Understand Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculation

  • The first $55,000 of purchase price is taxed at rate of 0.5% ($275)
  • Then the next $195,000 ($55,000.01 to $250,000.00) is taxed at a rate of 1.0% ($1,950),
  • Then the next $150,000 ($250,000.01 to $400,000.00) is taxed at a rate of ($2,250)
  • The remaining $50,000 of the purchase price, based on the tax bracket of $400,000.01 to $2,000,000 is taxed at a rate of 2.0% ($1,000)
  • The total land transfer tax amount in this example will be $5,475


If the home purchaser is a first time home buyer, they will receive an instant rebate of $4,000 (the maximum Ontario land transfer tax rebate amount). They will pay $1,475 for the Ontario Land Transfer Tax.


What Things Do You Need to Know About the Land Transfer Tax Calculator?


It happens many times that taxpayers can claim an immediate refund when registering the land transfer papers and paying their taxes. Tax rebate application forms are available online for homebuyers recording electronically or on paper at government offices.


If the total amount is not claimed at the time of proper registration, the full tax is paid and a refund can be made to the Ministry of Finance within 18 months. Information required for the application include:

  • A copy of the registered land transfer guide as per mortgage rates.
  • A copy of the agreement of property you purchased
  • A copy of a document that provides you residence proof, driver’s license, and telephone/cable bills, etc.



When buying a home a lot of little details and payments need to be taken into consideration. Being a Canadian resident, if you are looking for any quality information on how to seek the best advantage of land transfer tax calculator to understand mortgage payment procedures better, never fail to connect with our official website!

Maria Delani Maria Delani 06/18/2020
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