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Learn How To Quality for Refinance with the Best Residential Mortgage Rates


As mortgage rates in Canada hit their all-time low, many people are making up their mind to select the type of mortgage for their new home.  

In many crucial cases, there are often conditions where property buyers are seeking the advice of trusted mortgage professionals.  

The mortgage professionals work on all the important aspects of a mortgage to work out a way to brief property buyers on the best residential mortgage rates.  This way property buyer is able to see if refinance is the best possible option for them. 

Many people in provinces like Ontario consider refinance of mortgage with the lowest rates.  Canadian people in such cases will need to observe that the mortgage market remains highly competitive with low rates across the mortgage charts.  

While highlighting the lowest rates available, property buyers should consider a range of factors such as flexible features and incentives can get you closer to making the estimation easier than before. 


What is the Lowest Mortgage Rates for 5 Year and 10 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates?


In many cases, people of Canada are seeking a 5 year and 10 year fixed mortgage rate, which stands at 2.67% - 3.94%.  

As a professional mortgage comparison website, RateShop.ca has indicated that the best 5 year fixed rate available in the last 10 years was 2.16% in 2016, versus the 2.09% it is today.  

Meanwhile, the lowest 5 year variable rate in the past decade was 1.69% in 2017, compared to the 1.95% available today.

With the fixation on the mortgage interest rates for both fixed and variable mortgages, many people are unable to decide on the mortgage interest rates to opt for with all questions moving towards which time of the year is best to get a new home with the best residential mortgage rates.  

With the proper knowledge, the best time to get a mortgage is at the end of a season, just before the next year's spring rush of home buying begins. So, the months of November and December are a pretty good time to secure a mortgage because they also tend to be an excellent time to buy a house at a high price.


What is the Credit Score to Maintain the Best Residential Mortgage Rates?


From the different finance prospects, property buyers will need to maintain a FICO score of 697 - 740 or higher to qualify for the lowest mortgage rates on a conventional loan with better use of mortgage tools. Before you GET SET and GO with the use of mortgage tools like calculators, interactive tools and others, it's often best to seek the consultation of mortgage brokers to get you a through initial stages of the mortgage process like prequalification, preapproval and a mortgage stress test with valid clearances. 


Which Small Things Matter in the Selection of your New Home with the Best Residential Mortgage Rates?

  • Your paperwork to fix the issues of mortgage terms that matter to you. 
  • You overall mortgage payment to make sure you are assured of using the right mortgage calculator.
  • Your credit score and time of mortgage payments as a home loan for the desired mortgage body. 



When you get into the process of buying a home with the best residential mortgage rates, there is always scope for improvement.  It's a fact that mortgage interest rate changes from bank to bank and credit union to credit union.  When you are looking for quality information on the mortgage interest rate comparison in Canada, make sure to visit our official website!

Maria Delani Maria Delani 06/19/2020
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