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One Year Fixed Mortgage - Shortest Commitment to Mortgage Terms


Most banks and credit unions offer attractive discounts when you commit to a fixed rate home loan and can save you thousands of dollars!  The main benefit of fixed-rate mortgages is that they relate to some kind of predictable payments.  Each month’s principal and interest payment is the same amount for as long as you have the loan.  From different yearly plans, many people love to go with the option of a 1 year fixed mortgage.  If you select a one year fixed-rate, you’ll choose a new mortgage type, provider and rate at no penalty when that year ends.


The mortgage term you choose depends on the expectations of future interest rates.  For example, if you think mortgage rates will go up, you may want a longer five-year term to lock in the current low price.  However, if you feel interest rates will fall or you want to renegotiate your mortgage in a year, you would consider a one-year mortgage rate.


Facts About The One Year Fixed Rate Mortgage


  • Almost 6% of Canadians apply for a one year fixed mortgage under federal government rules and regulations. 
  • Today, nearly 74% of Canadians have fixed mortgage rate terms to sprawl through.
  • One year fixed mortgage rates follow one year government bond yields with active advice on core issues. 


Does Comparing One Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Help?


Many consumers are often worried about decisions on which banks or credit unions can be trusted for a one-year fixed-rate mortgage.  To get closer to finding answers, it's always best that you consider the guidance of a mortgage lender or broker.  These professionals are the best source of help to property buyers looking to get their home with lower mortgage rates in Canada.  Often mortgage lenders are observed scrolling different web portals to stay more focused on different mortgage terminologies so that they are aware of the potential dangers relating to loans, clearances, and other financial prospects.  There are many individuals who look for a one year fixed rate mortgage for their home by comparing different banks and credit unions. 


Yes, one can say that comparing mortgage rates as per the terms and conditions can inevitably sow new seeds to getting your new home. 


Benefits of a One Year Fixed Mortgage


Fixing your interest rate has many advantages.  Some include:


  • Certainty of fixed repayments, even in periods of rate increases.
  • Ability to budget and know how much you will be repaid.
  • Lower introductory rates offered by some lenders.
  • Save money to put toward other expenses.


Disadvantages of a One Year Fixed Mortgage


  • If interest rates fall, you are stuck with a higher fixed interest rate.
  • You may have to pay a break fee if you choose to change back to a variable rate during the fixed-rate term.
  • Not as flexible as variable rate loans.
  • The variable interest rate is sometimes lower than a fixed rate.



 Many residents of Canada are looking to get their new home under a one year fixed rate mortgage to get their home with the best mortgage loan.  For more information on different yearly mortgage plans, never hesitate to connect with our official website!

Maria Delani Maria Delani 07/17/2020
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