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RateShop is excited to announce the launch of its partnership with Marble Financial Inc.


RateShop is excited to announce the launch of its partnership with Marble Financial Inc. through the integration of its Connect Application Programming Interface (API) and Inverite’s open-banking software.


With a rapid influx of new customers in 2021, RateShop has been laser-focused on creating a user-friendly experience with the implementation of Marble’s B2B technology solutions.


The company aims to set a high standard when it comes to creating engaging opportunities for customers to improve and monitor their credit score. This helps align a customer’s financial vision with cutting-edge budgeting, tracking, and debt elimination solutions. Building good financial habits remains integral to finding the right mortgage solution and it starts here with MyMarble.


With the advanced AI-driven personal finance trainer, RateShop and Marble provide an all-encompassing selection of free credit score insights, recommendations, and plans to build a stronger financial future.


This partnership helps focus on the fundamentals by:


·       Eliminating Existing Debt

·       Improving Your Budget

·       Building A Higher Credit Score

·       Establishing Financial Literacy


MyMarble helps understand the nuances of making positive financial decisions through personalized recommendations. The automated tools indicate what’s needed, how to plan for it, and what will optimize the process to lower the cost of credit.


This also includes focusing on creating a well-rounded financial profile through up-to-date information and a straightforward user experience.



To learn more, click here.


Ali Zaidi UW Ali Zaidi UW 05/17/2022
RateShop.ca was founded with one purpose. To serve our clients with the highest standards in service quality while delivering the most competitive financial products, transparently. That is why we focus on our knowledge more than the rates, align prod
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