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Top 2 Conditions for Private Mortgage Rates to Recall in Line of Credit

It is a well-known fact that we don't put much importance on any financial entity unless it becomes necessary. One such entity is a private mortgage. For those having trouble qualifying for a traditional mortgage other solutions are still available, one of which is for private mortgage rates. Many individuals in Canada are opting for private mortgage rates on the advice of mortgage lenders and brokers. It's all to stay aware of the potential estimations and calculations that can be paid by homebuyers at the time of submission. 


Sometimes there are situations where bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. Today, as mortgage interest rates in Canada fall, private mortgage lenders and B-lender mortgages have become the fastest-growing segment of the Canadian mortgage industry.


One reason is that it’s become difficult to qualify for an A-lender mortgage in recent times. High home prices, in major Canadian cities, have resulted in bigger mortgages being required. The mortgage stress test plays a crucial role in the qualification and pre-approval of private mortgage rates.


There are several situations individuals find themselves in where they do not fall under the mortgage lender's requirements. These problems need a perfect solution but it's not about the wait time, it's about the help other lenders can provide to handle mortgage situations. Let’s look at the top situations where Canadians may feel the need for private mortgage rates.


1) The property buyer has too many expenditures and a credit score below 697. It's not standing with the home equity line of credit, where a nationalized bank can say NO to their request.

2) Property buyers are in the middle of getting closer to the clearance of consumer proposal guidelines. The doors to banks are firmly closed, yet they need to finance a car purchase, and they would like to keep an eye on cash flow.


In the pointers mentioned above, we will try to understand this with the help of Canadian property buyers examples, who are going through different situations especially handling private mortgage interest rates. 


Too Much Debt/Credit Score too Low

One property buyer was living a good life without any issues with their mortgage for several years but built up a credit card debt that won’t go away. When he approached some of the top Canadian brokerages, he had equity in his home in the west end of Toronto; $115,000 of total unsecured debt, a credit score of 557, and no mortgage. The minimum monthly payment on the credit card was not much less than a mortgage payment, $3000 a month.


The Solution

The online mortgage portal considered the credit score and helped to scale all expenses, with no remaining balances. So, the brokerage found a private lender for the property buyer to establish a new first mortgage on very favorable terms. An annual mortgage interest rate of 5.99% and a mortgage fully open after three months means the portal can assist in refinancing to an A-lender without penalty.


The bad credit card debt is diverted into a mortgage at roughly 3% interest, with a monthly payment of around $500. It is considered a game-changer compared to the $3,000 per month that was being paid previously.


In a Consumer Proposal 


There are many property buyers who have great jobs and more than $200,000 equity as a line of credit. Consider a situation where the property buyer applied for a consumer proposal three years ago after a new business venture failed and left lots of consumer expenses behind.


It might be due to these three reasons:


  • Their nationalized bank, which holds their first mortgage, said they would not offer any mortgage renewal.
  • The car lease might be at stake and want to exercise the buy-on option. They have been quoted a high rate on car loans.
  • Finding it tough to pay $1,300 each month towards the consumer the proposal, on top of their car payment, taxes, and other utilities.


The Solution

The favorable solution is to apply for a one-year private second mortgage for around $60,000. Interest-only payments are ruled out at 12% private mortgage rates and the monthly payment is only $600, half the amount being paid for the consumer proposal.


A small new mortgage will pay off the consumer proposal entirely and allow the car purchase when the time to pay towards a suitable car loan. After the consumer proposal is fixed with payment, a list of trusted portals can be used to re-build a personal credit history. Overall, this process will help in reporting errors in the credit report after filing a consumer proposal.




In our first two cases, there might have been the need for private mortgage rates as a solution for mortgage core dealings. It was a legitimate option that should be considered. There are many reasons why you might one day need a private mortgage. If a private mortgage is part of your future, read the instructions carefully from mortgage brokerages.

Maria Delani Maria Delani 05/15/2020
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