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Ultimate Guide to the Best Investment Options in Canada

All of us understand the importance of hard work and smart work.  But often, the secret to financial success is more than what you are investing in.  The smarter you are about your investments, the closer you get to understanding different prospects.


If you’re a first-timer looking for the top investing options in Canada, it can be daunting figuring out which plan is suitable and is the right use of money prospects.  When we talk about Investments in Canada, don’t miss Canada Savings Bond (CSB), the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) and the Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC). 


Let's discuss these investing options in Canada briefly. 


Canada Savings Bond (CSB)


Canada Savings Bond are issued by the Canadian Federal Government as a safe method for saving.  The bonds, which are a form of debt, can be cashed in with proper establishment methods passed by the current Federal Government of Canada.  It offers a minimum guaranteed interest rate on different Fintech prospects.  Canada Savings Bonds have a three-year term to maturity with interest rates remaining in effect.  At the end of the tenure of your investment, the suitable body guarantees new rates based on prevailing market conditions.  They may be cashed in at any time without worrying about prospects.


Canada Savings Bonds are only available through the Payroll Savings Program, allowing Canadians to purchase bonds via payroll deductions.


Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)


An Exchange-Traded Fund is an investment fund that holds financial assets, such as stocks, funds and bonds.  They are traded on stock exchanges that carry the value of the asset you are carrying.  This means that the value of an Exchange-Traded Fund can change throughout the day.


The risk level of an Exchange-Traded Fund depends on the assets it contains.  If it holds high-risk assets, you need not worry about what will happen.


Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)


A GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) is a safe and secure investment with 0% risk tolerance.  You don’t have to worry about losing your money as they are guaranteed.


Today, a GIC works like a savings account in that you deposit money and earn interest on the amount in the account.  The difference is that you need to leave your money in a GIC account according to the requirements of the organization that provides the GIC account.  If you take it out early, you will face penalties.


When you buy a GIC, you agree to lend the bank or financial institution your money for a specified period of time, which can be up to 5 years.  In exchange, your money gathers interest.  The longer the term, the more interest you earn.  At the end of the term, you receive your initial deposit and all the interest it has accrued.



Learning how to invest is like getting a wish fulfilled with a magic wand.  It’s a long process that tests you on financial terms in respect of bonds, interest and the right commodities.


That said, there are other options to invest your money that are safer and require little to no effort or knowledge but you may end up paying a premium for these options.  For more information on the other investing options in Canada other than the above, never hesitate to connect with our official website!

Maria Delani Maria Delani 08/18/2020
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