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Self-employed means employed

Nearly half of all Canadians are expected to be self-employed by 2020. So why is it still so hard to get approved for a mortgage?

In our eyes, being self-employed is a benefit, not a detriment, to your mortgage application. We work with you to get a great mortgage rate, no matter your industry or type of business. We make mortgage applications easy!

Claim your expenses

We know that you need to claim as many expenses as possible to reduce your taxable income. We also know that doesn’t mean your real income is low – you’re just effectively managing it!

We care about you, not what a piece of paper says. We view your whole profile, not just a tax return, to get you approved.

We are specialists in getting self-employed mortgages approved. It’s what we do! Just like you know your business like the back of your hand, we know ours.

Whether you’ve been self-employed for years or are just starting your business, we can help you get into a house.

You deserve a mortgage

Being your own boss is the last reason you should be denied a mortgage. If you're self-employed and need a mortgage, we can help.

We work on your mortgage so you don’t have to

You’re busy running your business. You shouldn’t have to worry about running from the broker to the lender and back again. We shop around for you so you can focus on what matters most: your life and your business.

Don’t give up on homeownership

You already own your business. You should own your home, too. If the only thing stopping you has been getting a mortgage, it can feel like homeownership is out of reach. It isn’t!

Are you ready to move?

If you've been denied a mortgage from various banks and lenders because you’re self-employed, you're probably anxious to get your mortgage approved. It's time to stop worrying about if you'll get approved and start worrying about when you'll move in!

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