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Rateshop.ca is comparison platforms where you can shop and apply for any financial product you need - mortgages, insurance, credit cards, bank accounts, and investments - all from one website.


We provide mortgages through banks, trust companies and credit unions that specialize in providing quick approvals at the best rates. We can help customers with any credit and income to get you the lowest mortgage rates in Ontario. Based out of Mississauga, we have over 40 lenders working with us to ensure you get the best rate for your unique situation. Primary residence, first time purchase, switch and refinance at the lowest fixed rate and variable rate mortgage. 

Each file is assigned to one of our salaried underwriters, each with a thorough understanding of hundreds of products through dozens of lenders. Our staff will know how to structure your file to qualify. 

Our streamlined underwriting process identifies the type of file and a team starts working on the file once a completed application is received. If credit or income based qualification is ever an issue, we always have a backup option. As a volume brokerage, our lenders may offer us exceptions not commonly available through others in the industry. With the qualification criteria tightening, RateShop Inc. is the brokerage to trust with your mortgage request. 

Credit Cards

Using the right credit cards is important to saving money. With tons of credit card offers available, it can be difficult to narrow down which are the best for you. We do the research for you, and show you the best cards based on your income, credit score, and monthly spending. Calculate your savings and reward, cashback or loyalty point earnings by comparing the cards of your choice. 


RateShop.ca is proud of its expertise in finding the lowest mortgage rates, but sometimes a higher rate is better. Investing is a crucial, often overlooked, step to financial freedom.
Shopping bank to bank to find high rates can be an exhausting process. RateShop.ca is a registered deposit broker agent that ensures the rates you are getting on your registered and non-registered savings plan deliver you the highest returns. Compare and shop online or in person. Discuss your investment options with our registered deposit broker agent and get the right advice and guaranteed returns. 


After saving money on your mortgage and getting high returns on your investments, you’re going to need somewhere to put all that money! We can help with that, too.
We’ve compared dozens of chequing and savings accounts – not just from the big banks either! There are many smaller banks and credit unions in Ontario that offer the same or better products and service as the big banks. We’d love to introduce you to the best account you may not have heard of yet.


It can be tricky to get a quick, straightforward quote from an insurance website. RateShop.ca uses technology to save you money when you compare several insures online by completing just one quote. Based on your postal code, type of vehicle, and driving record you can generate a quote with more than a dozen auto insurance providers. Getting home or commercial insurance is also made easy. 

Getting quotes on life and travel insurance is a dated process which RateShop.ca transforms by providing you real time estimates, and is the first insurance website to allow you to purchase your policy instantly online, and print it out right at home.

Credit monitoring

When applying for any financial product, one of the most important aspects of your file is your credit score. A healthy credit score will make it easy to get the best credit cards and the lowest mortgage rates. Before you start applying, you should get familiar with your score.
If your score isn’t where you want it to be, the best way to improve it is to carefully monitor it. If you don’t know what your credit score is doing month-to-month, you won’t be able to fix it! With Credit+, you get unlimited monthly TransUnion credit reports and scores. Not only do you get an updated score every month, but you get the full report that shows you how you got to that number. Once you see exactly why your score is what it is, you’ll have an easier time improving it and finally securing that low mortgage rate or amazing credit card.

Money Transfers

Money transfers in Canada are increasingly popular, but no company has actually headquartered in Canada – until now.
RateShop.ca is the first Fintrac-approved company in Canada that facilitates international money transfers. We’ve partnered with the best companies in the business to make sure you always get the right balance of speed, service, and cost. Compare exchange rates and fees instantly for any country you’re sending money to and see how much you can save just by choosing one company over another. No more worrying about if you’re getting the best deal or the fastest speed – it’s all right in front of you.

You can view our commitment to our clients by reviewing our policies here:

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