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Renewing Your Mortgage

For most of us out there, taking any form of a loan can be bothersome at some point. I mean who enjoys being in debt? However, this shouldn't really be your point of focus as in life we have to make certain decisions for a better future. What you need to think about is how to get the best rates and how you can qualify for such. Not only will this make it easy to finish off your mortgage at the point of its maturity but you will also be a step closer to achieving your life's dreams.

In many cases, for those debtors with a good payment history, lenders have always tried to send out renewal forms just at the verge of the renewal date. Statistically, almost 70% of those renewal forms are always returned without hesitation but do most of the clients think about this before opting out? Probably that is not the case. That is why you need to approach the matter differently, with a new set of mortgage needs and probably new questions as follows:

  • Was the previous lender satisfactory?
  • Has your financial capability changed and if so, will you need to adjust the payment rate?
  • Would you be comfortable to increase your payments in order to pay-off faster?
  • Can you harbor your mortgage to another lender without conceding a penalty?

Having one property can never be enough and that is why most of us would choose to invest again in other properties such a cottage or maybe even a weekend gateway house. Also, you may decide to consolidate your high credit card interest rates with your mortgage to ease the burden of paying an expensive loan or leverage your home equity for a home improvement project. In this competitive world, most lenders are already aware that potential clients don't go out of their way in researching for the best mortgage rates hence this is why we end up choosing a higher rate than other options out there.

Moreover, you might have to consider getting a mortgage broker just to help in the decision process. Having multiple lenders at your disposal will not only give you several options but will also allow you to tap out the best rates from some of them.

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